B.S. in Physical Therapy from Indiana University in 1976 with Distinction
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Certification as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, RCST®
from the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (CSTA/NA)

The biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy focuses on the inherent health in the human system and its ability to self-regulate. RCST® certification follows successful completion of a 700 hour program, encompassing deep perceptual, and centering skills as well as extensive study of the anatomy, embryology, and tidal rhythms of the craniosacral system over a minimum of 2 ½ years.


Other craniosacral therapy studies

  • Source, Self, and Being with Franklyn Sills, 5 days, 2006 --A Biodynamic
    Craniosacral approach to the Ignition of Being, the perceptual process of orienting to the Dynamic Stillness, generating sacred space, order and intention.
  • Beyond the Stillpoint with Charles Ridley, 4 days, 2002 --An introduction into the
    biodynamic cranial work with an emphasis on practitioner presence into the levels of human consciousness accessed inside the various cranial rhythms: cranial wave, fluid tide, long tide, the Dynamic Stillness, and the Breath of Life.
  • Private sessions in the 90’s with Hanna Hughes, CMT, Craniosacral therapist,
    and prior assistant in Hugh Milne’s Craniosacral program.
  • Upledger Institute
    Introductory Craniosacral Therapy, 4 days, 1986, Roger Darby
    Intermediate Craniosacral Therapy, 4 days, 1989, Roger Darby
Certificates of Professional Training
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, April 2006, California
    This biodynamic craniosacral therapy program began in the mid-90’s based on the work of osteopaths William G. Sutherland and Rollin Becker; synthesized by Franklyn Sills of the Karuna Institute; and taught by Lifeshapes instructors Debra Bochinski, Mary Louise and Christopher Muller.
  • Biodynamic Bodywork and Psychotherapy, September 1994, Germany
    A 3-year professional training program with instruction in vegetative therapy, biodynamic psychotherapy, trauma resolution, and biodynamic massage by Gerda Boyesen, founder of Biodynamics Psychology and Psychotherapy.
  • Manual Therapy Certificate, March 8, 1993, German Association for Manual Medicine, Bonn, Germany
    Manual therapy certificate for spinal and extremity manual therapy involving written and oral exams as well as a written case study.
  • Three Dimensional Schroth Scoliosis Treatment, August 1990, Sobernheim, Germany
    108 hour program on the non-operative treatment of curvature of the spine in children and adults.
Psychotherapy Practice and Interpretation
2 years of professional assessment of cases with Psychologist Ralf Debus, 1992-1994
Scoliosis Workshops
European Scoliosis treatment updates, one day in Germany, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
Osteopathic Courses
  Michigan State University
  • Tutorial on Direct Action Thrust, 5 days, 1989, Philip Greenman
  • Myofascial Release, 3 days, 1985, Robert Ward
  • Fundamentals of Muscle Energy Techniques in the Diagnosis and Treatment of
    Musculoskeletal Disorders
    , 5 days, 1984, Philip Greenman
  Other osteopathic training
  • Direct and Indirect Techniques of the Thoracic Spine and Ribs
    3 days, 1986, Ursa Foundation
  • International Symposium on Visceral-Somatic Somatic-Visceral Research
Hand Specialization
I attended many specialized upper extremity courses and hand therapy conferences in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Illinois, and Philadelphia from 1977-1987. Topics included orthopedics, inflammatory diseases, fractures, dupytren's, splinting, replantation, RSD, RSI, RA, tendon protocol, and I also received specialized burn care hand management training onsite for two weeks in Dallas, Texas.
  • First Degree, 1987, Paula Horan
  • First and Second Degree, 1995, Jeanine Sande
  • Practitioner Training, 1996, Jeanine Sande
  Aston Patterning with Judith Aston
  • Introduction to Aston Patterning, 3 days
  • Gravitationally Balanced Alignment, 6 days, 1986
  • Seeing the Body in Stationary Balance and Functional Soft Tissue Work, 10 days, 1987
  • One year of studies in the early 1980’s with Watsu founder Harold Dull
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Somatic Therapy,
    [an exchange among the leaders in the field], 3 days, Todtmoss, Germany, 1994
  • Energy Fields, 2 days,1992, Rosalyn Bruyere
  • Earth Energy Medicine, 2 days, 1997, Jeanine Sande
  • Introduction to Rolfing for Physical Therapist,14 hours, 1985
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 days, 1983
Spinal Training
Scoliosis Workshops in Germany, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
  Institute of Graduate Health Sciences
  • Introduction to Peripheral Joint Mobilization, 13 hours, 1977, Collins
  • Introduction to Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation, 68 hours, 1986, Lee
  • Advanced Evaluation and Manipulation of the Cranio-Facial, Cervical
    and Upper Thoracic Techniques
    , 36 hours, 1987, Paris & Kraus
  Other Instructors
  • Stress and Disease, Institute for CorTexT Research & Development, 1 day, 1997
  • David Butler’s Approach to the Mobilization of the Nervous System, 2 days, 1997, Bernie Guth
  • Lower Quadrant Assessment, 3 days, 1986, Erl Pettman
  • Functional Orthopedics, 30 hours, 1985, Institute of Physical Art, Greg Johnson
  • McKenzie Approach to the Lumbar Spine, 4 days, 1981 with Robin McKenzie and 5
    days of observation at his clinic in Wellington, New Zealand in 1983
  • Cyriax: Treatment of the Lumbar Spine; Treatment of the Cervical Spine and
    Shoulder, 15 hours, 1981

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