Accessing Our Innate Wisdom


by Peggy Risch, RPT, RCST®

Something unique happens when we recognize wholeness within ourselves. Something inside of us actually shifts ...something that is palpable, holy, even humbling as we gracefully dance with the great Mystery of life.

A journey into health with this recognition claims our birthright layer by layer. That birthright is wholeness. The paradigm of wholeness acknowledges a Divine Intelligence, which gives the body its form and maintains its existence. The creation of our human body is based on an original matrix of perfection, an energetic blueprint of health – a state of wholeness and perfection, like no other. The wisdom of this primordial Intelligence is present in all things at all times.

How do we recognize health and wholeness within ourselves? Energetically, it is similar to oceanic tides. The tide comes in. The tide goes out. There is breath coming from the most minute element that cannot be seen – to every drop of water, every cell, the earth, the room – it all breathes with the rhythm of the tides. By this I mean a breath that is not the physiological breath of the lungs inhaling and exhaling. Nonetheless, this universal breathing is perceivable and has a cycle of inhaling and exhaling. On an experiential level, this tidal breathing teaches us about the rhythms of life and is powerful – beyond words.

The connection to our wholeness often becomes chaotic or disorganized, yet wholeness itself is never lost. With a lucid focus, we can directly contact this wholeness regardless of the state of disorder we may find ourselves in. It expresses like rhythms of the tide, which convey a biodynamic potency at the core of our being. As this wholeness responds it bathes us in fluidity, liquid light, sound, spaciousness, stillness. Being met so profoundly by ones self or another is a powerful expression of Divine Love.

As we move through life, real and perceived traumas occur such as disease, accidents, loss. Compensatory patterns arise from these unresolved events that have unique shapes and contents. Although these patterns may be painful or appear dysfunctional, they are the individual’s best attempt to reach wholeness. They are a survival mechanism, which is a complex intertwining, multidimensional maze, which is beyond our linear thinking although fragmentation in the form of stories arise in an attempt to understand it.

A sensitive healer or individual may feel or sense these patterns as shifts and pulls, vectors, images, or even notice smells. Basically anything is possible. Eventually these patterns will begin to settle by themselves when they are acknowledged rather than rejected or fragmented. This process is supported by a safe environment and self-nurturance. Nurturing is a vital part of our life that connects us to our wholeness. It is what we do to take care of ourselves. It is actually quite simple. Many forms of nurturing can be experienced in the natural world, such as picking up a stone warmed by the sun or walking on the beach.

A neutrality and resonance with what is whole allows a state of balance to arise where all aspects of a pattern or patterns are acknowledged by a mindful presence or healer. The client’s perception of what follows – the holistic shift – takes just as many variable forms as there are grains of sand or snowflakes. Guides or angels may even be perceived at this time.

Health and wholeness always moves in relationship to distress and seeks resolution. The Divine Intelligence allows everything and centers all conditions in precise ways that are beyond our linear thinking capabilities. From a perspective of wholeness and listening, the person’s system begins to tell its history to us, which can be quite different than what is verbally relayed. Since there is no problem to be found or something to be fixed, there is space for the birth of an inherent "treatment plan” designed by Divine Intelligence. The sequence of that unfoldment is organically orchestrated. Something, often profound, emerges. Many individuals sense a "lifetime of waiting for this to happen.”

Transmutation can be sensed as space, stillness, silence. When the essence of what is needed most is met with full attention, a sense of balance and peace arises. The inertial energies, which held the stress patterns, become liberated and useable in an individual’s life. Vitality returns to an individual. The nervous system is simultaneously recalibrated to a new baseline of functioning: the unconscious sympathetic response (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic response (freezing/dissociation) modulates to wholeness. An individual perceives this as new choices to challenging circumstances.

A model of wholeness recognizes this Intelligence or Wisdom and holds a neutral non-judgmental attention, which allows space for all processes to unfold organically. This recognition is at the heart of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in which I’ve been trained. If there is any technique in this model, it is simply to listen, synchronize with the whole of the individual, and wait until Divine Intelligence manifests itself.

James Jealous is a renowned osteopathic physician and teacher of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Program to physicians. James Jealous, states, “You begin to move through a series of doorways, larger vistas, so you begin to feel the cause [Divine Intelligence], which is quite profund.”

When we choose to see ourselves as whole and not broken, something unique happens. By remembering this simple, basic truth our lives really do change. By focusing our intention on wholeness, by listening for wholeness, it arrives to greet us. It embraces us with a sense of, "Wow, thank you for calling on me again!" Similar to reuniting with a truly good friend with whom we have lost contact, it’s a joyous reunion.

Peggy received a bachelor degree with distinction in Physical Therapy from Indiana University in 1976. She consulted at several spinal and hand centers in the San Francisco area. Peggy was introduced to steopathic manual medicine and Craniosacral Therapy while taking osteopathic classes at Michigan State University. In 1993 she was certified in Biodynamic Therapy in Germany by psychologist, Gerda Boyesen. Peggy has a private practice in Mt. Shasta and teaches Craniosacral Therapy to massage students at Mount Shasta Holistic Institute.
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